As all good sailors know, the weather is one of the more important things to consider when planning a sailing adventure. About a year and a half ago we stumbled upon a website that can be used to forecast weather and is great for sailing. The site is and […] for Weather

The settee is finally starting to look like we envisioned! What a long journey to get the boat even this far, but here we are. A clean bilge and I finally installed the washing machine. Whew! Thanks for watching!

SBS ep. 128 – Settee Update, a Clean Bilge, and ...

There comes a time in every sailor’s life where one must come to a decision. Either you are going to clean and paint the bilge, or you are going to live with a dirty bilge. The latter is not an option with us! I’ve been wanting to clean and paint […]

Cleaning the Bilge!

So, in the past few weeks the First Mate and I have decided that it is time to solidify our plans to cut the lines for the last time and sail out. As with all life-changing decisions, this has taken a bit of time to make. Although the thought of […]

And the Countdown to Leave Begins!

I think First Mate may be a bit off these days. We have several projects going and all of a sudden she reaches back and tears off the carpet behind the settee and tells me that she is just sick and tired of seeing that ugly old carpet. Then we […]

SBS ep. 125 – More Projects? Geez!