We have decided it’s time to get serious about leaving to sail around the world. Although our departure date is not due to arrive until approximately 2019, there’s a lot to do. We are currently working on the boat we plan to leave on. As you may know by now […]

Getting Serious About Sailing Around the World

Remember where that came from? It’s at least close to a quote the Dr. McCoy used to say to Captain Kirk when something or someone was dead and the Captain was still trying to revive it. Well, we had a similar experience over the weekend. Something close to both the […]

It’s Dead, Jim

Sadly, we are stuck with a problem that now prevents us from finishing our dodger. After all the planning and having Brett do all the work, we hqve to wait before he can complete the install. Why? Because we have to repower with a new diesel. If we have a […]

Why We Can’t Finish the Dodger

In finding out that the diesel was kaput, we were actually relieved! One of our biggest worries was pulling into a tight anchorage at an island, and the diesel failing on us.

Short Takes – To Repower or Not

Sometimes these things seem to take forever! Our new dodger is slowly coming along. It's almost ready to install, but now we have to wait for the new diesel.

Short Takes – Mocking Up the Dodger

First Mate is working on her “Recipes Aboard” book (working title) that we will be releasing in eBook format, at first. It will be available for download here, but if you decide you want to support us on Patreon at the $5 level, we will give it to you FREE! […]

eBook Recipes Aboard Coming Soon!

Food Storage Food storage, along with water, are probably the second two most important considerations, the first being that there are no holes in the bottom. You won’t be sailing very far thirsty and on an empty stomach. There are several considerations concerning food. Many have written about this, but […]

Food Storage on a Boat

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