This is the postmortem that I promised you guys.  We have a lot more information that we can share, so leave comments with your questions!

SBS ep. 106 – Engine Postmortem

Our first trip back out to Catalina Island since the repower. Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we LOVE our part-time liveaboard sailboat, a Morgan 41 Out Island! Visit our website at Patreon Facebook Instagram SBS ep. 105 – First Trip Back to Catalina […]

SBS ep. 105 – First Trip Back to Catalina Island

We thought when we headed down to the boat on Friday that we were going to hear good news about the first start of the new engine. We had no idea that Chris Rinaldi was going to surprise us with the fact that he had completely finished the install, including […]

The Engine, It’s ALIVE!

It’s getting there! ¬†California Yacht Service has done a great job in cleaning and painting, along with mounting the hot water heater.

Engine Room Clean Up and Paint

Chris Rinaldi at California Yacht Service texted me to let me know that they will be towing our boat to the boatyard to have the new diesel lowered into the boat this Monday! Can’t wait! First Mate and I are closing the office Monday so we can film this part. […]

Update: Engine Going in Monday 12/19!

At last, the Beta 60 diesel has been ordered and is on its way! We ordered/paid for it on December 8th, and it is on its way to the California Yacht Services. Too much excitement right now, but updates will be coming soon!

The Engine is On Its Way!

So FINALLY the old Volvo is out and the engine room is clean! Not painted yet, but at least clean. I received word of the final price for the Beta 60 yesterday and we promptly went to the bank for a Cashier’s Check for the total. The old diesel was […]

A Clean Engine Room!

Video: First Mate and the Captain talk about plans for the boat and their plan for sailing south!

Future Plans