Sailboat Repower Update!

So, after several months of researching different companies and decisions on which engine to use, we have finally made a decision on who we will have handle repowering our sailboat. What an adventure this has been! Here is a breakdown of what all has happened.

S&W Diesel, Inc.

In looking and asking around, we first came up with S&W Diesel, Inc. They were recommended by a fellow boater at our marina. We called and spoke to someone whom we thought was one of the owners. He scheduled one if his mechanics over to meet with us and take measurements on the stringers that would have to be modified. At this point, we were set on going with a Yanmar and were probably going with the 80 horse. The mechanic told us that he would give the information to the owner and that we could expect an estimate in a week or so. Two weeks past, and nothing. I called and left a message, and also emailed. Another week went by and nothing. I called a total of four times and email several, but no response. The First Mate called, and the woman that answered told her that we “weren’t in the system”. She spent a few minutes taking down the information she needed and told us that someone would call us back. That was about three months ago, and they have yet to contact us. The worry we have about them is that if anything went wrong with the engine while under warranty, they might not be available to help us. No thanks!

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