About Us

We own and sail a Morgan 41 Out Island sailboat. We are both working towards our plans for finishing our refit and sailing away into the South Pacific, where we will sail until we can sail no more. Motivations range from a love of sailing, to an understanding that people cannot retire or even live as they once could in our country. We searched for several years for alternate ways of living, and found that a sailboat would be the best use of our limited retirement funds.

We’ve been planning our departure for about the past six years. There isn’t a day that goes by where we do not talk about our sailboat and our plans, and also lament about the reasons why we, and many others, have chosen an alternate lifestyle in order to be able to retire.20130101_165241

This site was inspired by a few things. First of all we wanted a place to chronicle our adventures. Although we have another site that we have had for about five years, this site is a place where we will tell our stories as we voyage. Another inspiration for this site was a book written by Earl Hinz. Earl (55) and his wife Betty sailed their Morgan 41 Out Island (like ours) some 17,000 miles around the South Pacific, and the name of the book he wrote about his adventures was “Sail Before Sunset”. The title came from Betty, when she told Earl that they should partake on their dream before they were both too old to go. Hence they needed to sail before the sun set on their lives. Our journey is much the same as theirs was. And who knows? We may end up sailing the same route at some point.