After our stay at Avalon, we sailed around the southeast end of the island, then northwest to Cat Harbor. It was a bit of a rough sail, sailing into four footers, but after 5 1/2 hours of sailing, we made it! Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we […]

SBS ep. 114 – Seven Days to Catalina Island Day ...

About a year ago the First Mate and I were looking at pictures of other Morgan Out Island sailboats when we came across some pictures of vberths that were configured in the over/under configuration. We had seen this before, but this time the First Mate made the comment that we […]

Building Out the Vberth

At long last the dodger is installed! We’ve waited for over a year to have it completed, because we needed the companionway clear for the repower.  Once that was finished we were able to have work resume on finishing the dodger. There are a few pieces of trim that need […]

The Dodger is Installed!

So, we’ve been in our current marina for around seven years now. We have always enjoyed the company pod our fellow boaters around us. There are a lot of really good people where we are, but alas, there really is no place to gather and have dinner and drinks. A […]

We Joined a Yacht Club!

We’ve waited a long time for this. Finally the dodger is in place for a preliminary fitting!

Finally, a dodger!

So, this weekend was going to be when we started really scrubbing the topside to get her clean. The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm, but our best-laid plans fizzled a bit. First thing that happened was that First Mate had some things to finish at the office, […]

I’m Too Lazy for Dreary Weekend Work