In this episode, we sail to the backside of Catalina Island for a week of relaxing and having fun! We consider these sails to be mini shakedowns in preparation for leaving for the South Pacific soon. Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we LOVE our part-time liveaboard sailboat, […]

SBS ep. 129 – Sailing Out for a Week at ...

So, on our last adventure, we were on the boat for a total of 10 days and were at Catalina Island for a total of seven days. We’ve done this before, where we take a week off and connect two weekends, giving us more time to sail and have fun. […]

What We Learned From Our Last Shakedown

It’s been a while, seem like a LONG while, since we sailed out to Catalina Island. In fact, it’s been about nine months! We can’t believe that it’s been that long. In the past, we’ve sailed to Catalina about every two or three months, but since we’ve been refitting our […]

Sailing Out to Catalina Island for 10 Days!

Sitting here on the bow of our boat that we have done so much work on over the past three years, it is so pleasant to look around and appreciate all that we are blessed with. As we ready ourselves for our final departure in less than a year, I’m […]

Another Lovely Afternoon

In a previous article, I wrote about using the website to help with weather forecasting for sailors. In this article, I wanted to explain how you can obtain weather forecasts while cruising offshore and many miles from shore. A lot of you may already be familiar with weather fax, […]

Old School Weather Forecasting

What’s better than having a sundowner after a lively sail? Well, we can’t think of anything. But, for a good sundowner, a sailor needs ice! Should we invest in an expensive icemaker and find space to install it, or could we buy one of the inexpensive icemakers and would that […]

Ice Makers: I Think We Found a Good One!

As all good sailors know, the weather is one of the more important things to consider when planning a sailing adventure. About a year and a half ago we stumbled upon a website that can be used to forecast weather and is great for sailing. The site is and […] for Weather

The settee is finally starting to look like we envisioned! What a long journey to get the boat even this far, but here we are. A clean bilge and I finally installed the washing machine. Whew! Thanks for watching!

SBS ep. 128 – Settee Update, a Clean Bilge, and ...