At long last the dodger is installed! We’ve waited for over a year to have it completed, because we needed the companionway clear for the repower.  Once that was finished we were able to have work resume on finishing the dodger. There are a few pieces of trim that need […]

The Dodger is Installed!

So, we’ve been in our current marina for around seven years now. We have always enjoyed the company pod our fellow boaters around us. There are a lot of really good people where we are, but alas, there really is no place to gather and have dinner and drinks. A […]

We Joined a Yacht Club!

We’ve waited a long time for this. Finally the dodger is in place for a preliminary fitting!

Finally, a dodger!

So, this weekend was going to be when we started really scrubbing the topside to get her clean. The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm, but our best-laid plans fizzled a bit. First thing that happened was that First Mate had some things to finish at the office, […]

I’m Too Lazy for Dreary Weekend Work

First Mate and I were talking the other day when we realized that we have not taken a proper vacation in a long time. In fact, we’ve not been on a real vacation for several years. Too much work and no play makes for a dull sailor’s life, indeed. This […]

Getting Ready for San Diego!

In this episode, I review the action camera ThiEYE t5e.  A great little cam if you just take it as a cheap GoPro knockoff that has its flaws.  At $115 it’s hard to hate on it, but there are a few peccadilloes that you’ll see in the conclusion at the […]

SBS ep. 111 – ThiEYE t5e 4K Action Cam Review

Published on Apr 3, 2017   This is a brief review of the Akaso EX7000 action cam. I decided to keep it brief because I was not pleased with the quality of the cam. The video was decent at 1080p and 60 fps, but the audio was terrible. No way […]

SBS ep. 110 – EX7000 Action Cam Review

In this episode, we have a leisurely sail out to the coast of Palos Verdes and then back in. A total of around 13 miles that gave us the chance to raise the sails for the first time in over two years! Before we left First Mate fixed two tears […]

SBS ep. 109 – Getting Our Sail On

I finally completed the wiring of the two 200 watt solar panels and also attacked a problem with the main bilge’s pump. Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we LOVE our part-time liveaboard sailboat, a Morgan 41 Out Island! Visit our website at Patreon… Facebook… […]

SBS ep. 107 – The Solar and the Bilge