Catalina Trip – The Preparation Part 2


We’ll take enough food for three days.  The food will be mostly dried and canned goods.  Things we can cook that do not require refrigeration, although we have a cooler onboard.  Rice and beans are a good mix.  Rice will go good with the fish we’ll catch, too.  I’ll need to take beer (Newcastle) and snacks in the event that we don’t go ashore.

For anyone that has been on a sailboat for the sheer joy of the adventure, it is enough to be there and enjoy the atmosphere and not need to have additional entertainment. We will have our laptops with us, along with a wireless card, so that we can blog and upload things.  Internet access is also good to keep up with the weather and get shore information, but we will have our VHF radio with us.

We don’t have a skiff so we’ll have to take a water taxi if we do decide to go ashore.  I understand that they are around $4.50 one way, so not too bad.  We have decided to sail into the harbor at Two Harbors.  The town only has about 300 people that live there and from what I have read is a nice little town.  Here’s a Google Earth view:

Google - Two Harbors

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