Catalina Trip – The Preparation

Where to start?

Okay, first off I need to check the moorings available there and the harbor rules for the two possible destinations.  Here is what I have found:

Two Harbor Enterprises Mooring Fees (Cat Harbor, Isthmus & Isthmus Coves, Emerald, etc.) As of 5/30/07- (310) 510-4253
There are 257 moorings at Two Harbors and anchorage for over 100. Cost Per Night – Check out is usually 0800 but check.  Contact the Harbor Patrol on Channel 9:

Boat Size:



April thru Oct

Nov thru March

String Line

$23 $138 $44
0-30 $25 $150 $52
31-40 $28 $168 $58
41-50 $36 $216 $74
51-60 $44 $264 $90
61-70 $53 $318 $108
71-80 $62 $372 $126
81-90 $86 $456 $154
91-100 FT $86 $516 $174

Although we will probably anchor outside so that we are not charged, it is good to know what we are up against.

We’ll take enough food to live on for three days, but we will also be fishing to see what we can catch.  It should be an interesting adventure!

More pictures and video to come…

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