A Cool Nautical Poem

First a wisp and then a notion, and then a breeze upon the ocean.

She gathers force in her swirling size, with which nature empowers her skies.

The waves are conjured by her calls, some are big and some are small.

All dance to the fury from within, that guides this woman to her end.

As she forms with her mighty blow, we gaze into her eye below.

And see the flashing and hear the thunder, with the strength to put asunder.

As she nears her land to fall, she brings her fear to hearts of all.

Those of mind will flee her wrath, those without will fall in path.

Now she’s here to peril all, quickly everyone not to stall.

Blow her winds of death are here, her anger in the path she clears.

She sweeps the land of all that stands, and moves the earth as best she can.

With this her strength grows ever smaller, her winds diminish her essence falters.

And now she fades to loose her glory, she closes her book and ends her story.

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