Progress on the Arch!

Wow, looks like things may finally be going our way! Arch man (Jim) has been getting a lot of work done on our arch for the rear of the sailboat. He recently sent me a few pictures of his progress, and it looks like he may be ready to install the arch this coming weekend. Woohoo!

IMG-20151205-01415 IMG-20151205-01414 IMG-20151205-01416

We’re still waiting on the cutlass bearing to be replaced by diver John. It’s been over two months now, so we may need a plan “B” in the event that the boat is not ready in a week or so. We have a yearly sail to Catalina Island planned for Christmas through New Year’s, so time has become really tight for that project.

Mean time cabinet maker Brett has finished all but the Formica on the galley build out and drawers. He brought down all the completed cabinet pieces, along with the drawer box and fitted it all together. All went well with the exception of the Formica being too white and not blending with the rest of the galley. He agreed that it should be matched better, and is going to redo the Formica and bring it down this weekend to finish that drawers.

Onward through the punch list!

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