Getting Serious About Sailing Around the World


We have decided it’s time to get serious about leaving to sail around the world. Although our departure date is not due to arrive until approximately 2019, there’s a lot to do.

We are currently working on the boat we plan to leave on. As you may know by now if you follow our Youtube channel or our Facebook page, we have a 1976 Morgan Out Island 41 which came into our possession in February of 2015. We are surprised to find that after working on her for a year and a half, she is only about half-way ready to go. It’s amazing that repairs and cleaning of such a small boat can require so much time, but having only weekends to work on her is causing this to take longer than anticipated.

“Sail Before Sunset” was pretty run down. Not only was she dirty from top to bottom, she needed new “everything.” Basically, we bought a hull. But it was a good blue water hull which would do better for us than the 1969 Columbia 36 that we were originally thinking we would be leaving on.

Most recently, we discovered that the one thing that we thought was still in decent shape, the engine, would also have to be replaced. While we save up for that, we will continue to fix up the inside to make her more comfortable and to give us more storage space, and to fix up the outside to make her easier on the eye.

We are also going to use this time over the next 3 or 4 years to plan our route, investigate places we intend to visit, and to plan our provisioning.

Thanks for sticking around if you have been following us. If you are new, follow us on Youtube and on Facebook, and feel free to message us.