Lazy Weekends are Fun!

20161015_165107Every now and then we make the decision to take a few weeks off from upgrades and repairs, and to just be lazy. This would be one of those weekends. Yesterday we spent the evening sitting out on the bow watching the sun go down. This evening we are having some comfort food and will sit out on the bow and watch the sun go down. First-world problems, eh?

First Mate cooked up a mess of red potatoes topped with Asada , cheese, garlic and salt. Wow! She’s chasing it down with a red wine that one of our daughters gave to us, and I’m having a gin and tonic. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

After the sun goes down we normally play on our iPads and then head back down to hang out and watch videos. I’ll probably take in the most recent video from the Delos crew, and maybe a few of the scores of others that I subscribe to on Youtube, then I’ll work on our latest boat tour video.


About Captain Tom

Over 10 years sailing and over 3500 miles under our keel. Was an engineer (EE) for over 30 years, then after moving into management, decided that the corporate world was no longer for me. Ran my wife's law office for 15 years and recently retired. Now we live aboard and sail the California coast, soon to leave for the Sea of Cortez.