SBS ep. 111 – ThiEYE t5e 4K Action Cam Review

In this episode, I review the action camera ThiEYE t5e.  A great little cam if you just take it as a cheap GoPro knockoff that has its flaws.  At $115 it’s hard to hate on it, but there are a few peccadilloes that you’ll see in the conclusion at the end of this vid. Namely the same ones as the last camera I reviewed. Good cam, but to have to reset the time and date every time you change the battery is ridiculous.  Then there’s the fact that, although you can connect to the camera’s WiFi, the app that goes with the camera does not recognize that you are connected.  When you try to pair the Bluetooth, neither my Android phone nor my iPad could see the camera.

At any rate, this cam does 4K video and does it well.  I can handle the 30 frames a second, considering the price point, and at 1080p it does 60 frames a second. And at this price, I’m not going to cry if we lose it overboard!

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