Heading Into Our Last Year Land-Locked

As the date approaches for cutting the lines and sailing away, we’re really starting to plan on how to get rid of whatever we have left in preparation for 24/7 living aboard. For the past five years or so we have been part-time liveaboards, living in our office the rest of the time. Now that our departure date is around 10 or so months away, it’s time to start getting serious.

Looking in the attic of our office I’m finding a lot of old memorabilia. First Mate came up with the idea of taking pictures of things that we have collected and cherished along the way before we have to sell or give them away. Some of the mementos will go to our children, but a lot of things won’t hold much value for others, so we will have to toss a lot. 

It may seem sad, but moving forward and making huge life changes is always a bit sad. The good part is that the excitement of the upcoming adventure overshadows any trepidation we may also be feeling. The excitement of knowing that we will be freer and more independent than we ever were in our careers while we were land-locked makes it all worth it. Although we will have a small income from our retirement and a few YouTube channels, along with Patreon, we will still be able to survive if we have to.

Thanks for hanging around as long as you all have! As of this article, we have over 5500 followers on Facebook, almost 2000 on YouTube, and about 1500 people have signed up for email updates on this site! We love you all and look forward to bringing you all some great content!

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