The Punch List In Our Final Year

Ah, the ever-growing punch list. Just when you make progress you’re reminded of several other things that you need to get done. But, if you were to wait until everything on your punch list is complete, you’d never leave. Here punch list and we have done and what we have left to do:

  • Clean/grease packing housing (done)
  • Finish vberth cabinets
  • Finish aft cabin cabinets
  • Fenders (done)
  • Plug for skiff (done)
  • Cleats for skiff (done)
  • Wire “down” solenoid for windlass (done)
  • Paint skiff
  • Seal toerail (done)
  • Sand/varnish toerail and marker lights (done)
  • Paint lifelines (done)
  • Drawer box under nav station
  • Mount ice box lid hinges (done)
  • Mount Galley lights
  • Mount watch charger (done)
  • Complete install of watermaker
  • Sew new leech line pocket for main
  • Replace batteries
  • Replace anchor (new Mantis 65 ordered)
  • Cockpit cushions (done)
  • Connect autopilot
  • Install inverter and remote switch
  • Mount shore power switch in┬áthe hallway
  • Buy new bow anchor (Mantus 65) (done)

Intermediate things:

  • Change oil (done)
  • Install cleats for skiff spring lines (done)
  • Clean bottom (done)
  • Refresh propane (done)


Needed items:

  • Need more solar/wind generator
  • Need new and more batteries
  • Need more water tankage and more RO water
  • Cockpit shower

What’s on YOUR punch list?


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About Captain Tom

Over 10 years sailing and over 3500 miles under our keel. Was an engineer (EE) for over 30 years, then after moving into management, decided that the corporate world was no longer for me. Ran my wife's law office for 15 years and recently retired. Now we live aboard and sail the California coast, soon to leave for the Sea of Cortez.
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