Rounding the Tip of Catalina Island 1

In going through videos of our last sailing adventure to Catalina Island, I was reminded of the majesty of the sea and how the waves are not captured in video. The swells were 4-6 foot as we rounded the western end of Catalina in this vid. We had been bashing into them as we sailed northwest towards the tip, but after we rounded the tip and turned northeast we were suddenly in following seas and all calmed down. It was a great sail!

I love this vid!

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One thought on “Rounding the Tip of Catalina Island

  • Ron & Rhonda Ellis

    Good morning Captan Tom & Ann Marie, totally Enjoyed finally meeting you yesterday and thank you for allowing me to come aboard the boat and spending time talking while I know both you and Ann Marie are busy. I had Matt and Marie years ago when she were is w