Dinghy Chaps!

First Mate has been working on our dinghy chaps for about the last five months or so. In her defense, she has been REALLY busy on a few other projects, so this one always took a backseat to the others. It was important, but not enough to move it to the front burner.

FINALLY she was able to get this project completed! After working on sewing the pieces together for two days this past weekend, they are finished and they look pretty good! Here are a few pics of them installed:

The hardest part was creating the templates. As First Mate has said, if you have good templates, you’re job will turn out much better. You have to test fit every piece, then test fit again as each piece is sewn together. As we read and discovered, one side does not match the other, so you cannot use one side’s template for the other side.

Anyway, job finished and high fives to First Mate!

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