Why Sail Before Sunset?

We’ve been asked this question before, and the story behind that question is, at least to us, an interesting one. Everyone that owns a boat has a story behind the name they gave it. Ours is a bit different because it is tied to a book that was written by someone who sailed the Pacific with his wife.

Sail Before Sunset

So, when we were researching what would be needed to make our sailboat more blue-water capable, we came across this book that Earl Hinz wrote regarding sailing his Morgan 41 Out Island around the Pacific – Sail Before Sunset. He and his wife decided they wanted to retire and sail the Pacific, just as we had decided to do. They purchased a Morgan 41 Out Island new from the factory and spent some time at the factory while the boat was being built. The book is about commissioning the boat and their adventure. After buying our Morgan and reading the book, I thought it fitting to name our sailboat after the book and pay homage to their adventures.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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