Days Melting Together

More impressions from our first month aboard…

You know, you really do tend to lose track of time when you’re living aboard. First Mate and I have to continually remind ourselves what day it is. If it weren’t for our business calendar, we’d have no idea!

Dog Friday

When we moved aboard, we brought our two office pets with us. Dog Friday and our cat, Kunta Kitay. We knew how our dog would handle life aboard because she has sailed with us many times, but we were concerned about the cat. She had never been aboard and no longer wished to venture outside. She was an indoor cat out of choice. So far she has fared very well!

As for the two of us, we could not be happier. Being aboard full-time reminds us of our extended sails to the island. We get to spend every evening sitting our the bow of our boat and enjoying sunset after sunset. That we have set up our lives to be able to do this is so great!

The only thing that is taking some getting used to so far is learning to stay within a budget. We have to these days because we are going to be relying on my retirement to pay the bills. We do have a bit of a nest egg set aside for maintenance and replacing sails and such, but we were accustomed to being able to spend on things we wanted. Not so much when you retire.

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