Sunset From Little Harbor

Catalina Island Adventure

Catalina Island Sunset
Catalina Island Sunset

First Mate had to drive into the city today, but we were on the phone most of the time. She has a way of being completely spontaneous and sometimes to her detriment, but that never stops her bubbly nature. At one point she asked what we had coming up in the calendar, and upon learning that we really have nothing for the next two weeks, she boldly stated, “LET’S GO TO CATALINA!” Being her birthday today, how could I say no? Well, I didn’t. That has turned this afternoon into a bit of a frenzy to draft a punch down list and get through it.

So, not really a lot to get done, but things that really needed to be taken care of before we push off in the morning. We figure that we will spend about six days there before needing to sail back to the mainland for a hearing that First Mate has. Here’s a short list of what I’ve been up to:

  • Tighten packing gland
  • Clean solar
  • Check inverter connectionsloose, tightened connections
  • Check battery water – good
  • Charge charging bricks
  • Fill water jugs and tanks
  • Stow nav station clutter
  • Do engine checks

I’ll clean the solar, stow the nav station, clutter anddo the engine checks this afternoon, then fill the tanks in the morning. No need to work myself to the bone and miss cocktail hour! Besides we will probably sail out about 10 in the morning so that we can catch the afternoon wind and actually do some sailing on our sailboat.

Funny that when First Mate initially brought up the idea of just sailing out in the morning, I was apprehensive. I’m always concerned with what could go wrong and what responsibilities that we have to attend to before we can undertake such a thing. After thinking for a moment I could not come up with a single reason why we could not just spontaneously leave for the Island. However, I could think of a million reasons why we should! This retirement thing is really starting to grow on me!

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