Sea of Cortez

We Inspire People?!?

Partying at Catalina Island
Kurt on the right.

This morning something happened – something really strange and really nice, at the same time. We had First Mate’s cousin, Terri, and her captain, Kurt, text us today telling us that he has been so inspired by our story and what we are doing, that he is quitting his job and moving aboard to ready his sailboat to sail down Baja and into the Sea of Cortez!

Catalina 36 sailboat
Kurt’s Catalina 36

Kurt is a long-time and experienced sailor. He’s been sailing the West Coast for most of his life and has been involved with many races and adventures. We’ve buddy-boated with the two of them to Catalina Island and First Mate has snorkeled with them on a few occasions. He even dove on our boat to cut a mooring line off our prop shaft on one adventure. A really nice guy and a friend. His First Mate, Terri, is also a great gal. It will be great to have Kurt along as a buddy-boater! Click below for page 2!!!

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