Sea of Cortez

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Sea of Cortez
Sea of Cortez

I also wonder how many of you guys might be in a position to retire early and go sailing. The costs involved are very reasonable. If you have a minimum income of around $1000 a month it can be done. Baja and the Sea of Cortez sailing is great because the exchange rate makes buying provisions MUCH more reasonable than in the States, and the beauty is second to none. Then there’s the fishing. According to all reports, the fishing is almost always good. A great way to supplement your food supplies!

It still looks like we are on-track for sailing south in November of this year. Although plans can change, we are still planning on leaving the marina around mid-August and sailing around the coast and the islands until it is time to head south.

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Over 10 years sailing and over 3500 miles under our keel. Was an engineer (EE) for over 30 years, then after moving into management, decided that the corporate world was no longer for me. Ran my wife's law office for 15 years and recently retired. Now we live aboard and sail the California coast, soon to leave for the Sea of Cortez.
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