The Plans Change

So, the first part was accomplished. We closed our office, moved all our things to Arizona, moved aboard and started getting the boat ready. Living aboard full-time has given us lots of time to work on projects, so this has been a really productive time. We’ve installed the first of two 285 watt solar panels to replace our two 100 watt panels on the arch, built out the second pantry, taken apart the swim ladder and started to refinish it, and several other smaller projects. Things are really looking up! Now, about those changed plans…

Land locked and tied to the dock.
Land-locked, for now.

About two weeks ago First Mate wanted to talk to me about our plans. She thought that she should work for a bit longer to help us save money for some things we need for the boat. Initially, I was against it, because my retirement was coming in and she had decided to semi-retire and finish what cases she still had open. There will be enough in receivables to help us get what we need for the boat, but she also wanted to have additional money in the meantime. I agreed as long as she did not take on too much work. Although we will be sailing around the Channel Islands as much as we can, we will keep our marina slip as our home base, for now. I still want to shoot for April or so if next year, but we are keeping our options open. For now, living on the boat full-time has been a dream come true! Click on Page 3 below!!!

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