A Day in the Life of a Liveaboard Sailor

First Mate designed and installed a shelf in the aft head, and here is her final product. She did a great job!

First Mate’s new shelf!

We finished building the second panty, but I’ll let First Mate post about that. It was her project and she did most of the work on it, so I’ll link to her article.

Mocking up where to mount the watermaker.
Mocking up where to mount the watermaker.

The watermaker is something I’ve pondered quite a bit. I will probably end up mounting it on a piece of wood above the 50-gallon water tank on the port side in the passthrough hallway. That seems to be the most ideal location. Close to the engine room so I can connect to the strainer on the engine’s intake, and close to the sink where I can discard brackish water. More on that later when I make the decision. Click Page 3 below to read about our solar!

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