Where The Heck Have We Been??

Okay, so we’ve had a few people contact us to ask us where we’ve been and why we have not made videos lately. In our last video just released, we had a bit of a problem while sailing out to the island. Namely, the steering completely failed. Anyway, you can watch that and see what happened.

26 foot travel trailer

The major update to our lives has been buying our property in Arizona. I may also do a video on this. About two years ago the wife came to me and wanted to talk to me about something that had been bothering her. She was worried that if something happened to me, she would not want to live aboard the sailboat. She would not want to single-hand a boat this size and she did not want to live at the marina for the rest of her life. We decided to look for property for a homestead and ended up in southern Arizona on an acre. We bought a Ford Excursion so that we could use it to move our belongings into storage in Arizona, and we closed the office and did just that.

Storage shed

Our intent was to slowly fix up the property and use it for an alternate place to live. We bought a 26 foot travel trailer to stay in while we made a decision on whether or not to build a home or buy a mobile home. Stick-built homes cause your property tax to go up quite a bit, which was not something we wanted. Plus, we prefer to pay cash for what we want and not to finance. We ended up buying a nice, older mobile home and had it installed. Mean time we had a shed built on the property so that we could clear out our self-storage.

Well, this was just the start, and it has taken us over a year to get things in order. We’ve since built fences, a garden, and spent hours planting trees and building a rock wall. We even bought a vintage 1969 Winnebago to refurbish in the event that we run out of other projects (yea, right) and a UTV! Yepper, we’ve been really busy.

1969 Winnebago project
Yamaha UTV
First Mate’s rock wall

So, that is what we’ve been doing for the last year or so. We’ve been really busy and have not had time for much else. We still want to sail the Sea of Cortez when this virus scare is over and the borders open. We may still have our boat hauled out in Puerto Penasco, but for now we like having it in SoCal. When summer’s heat chases us out of Arizona, we have a cooler place to go for a few months. But I have to say, if there is anything that can compete with the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific, it would be an Arizona sunset.

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