First Mate

Mark your calendars for the weekend of March 12th as the last weekend for lobster fishing for the season. We will be spending the weekend on the backside of Catalina hoping to catch the big bugs. Who else will be lobster fishing on the last weekend of the season?

End of Lobster Season

We had the boat towed over to the shipyard where the new prop shaft is going to be installed.  The picture shows her being hauled out of the water.  We’re hoping to have the job finished by the end of the week so that we can take her out sailing. […]

Haul Out Accomplished!

It’s another foggy morning in Wilmington. However, this morning it is very much appreciated because we are going to be rinsing down the deck of the boat after we have coffee.  Late yesterday afternoon we finished clearing off all the stuff that had been stored on the deck of the […]

24 Hour Countdown

It is not a sunny day at the boat this weekend. We had some fog rolling during the night and it’s difficult to see beyond the sailboats in our marina. But we are here to continue working on the sailboat, not to go sailing.  Because the boat is going to […]

Foggy Day at the Marina