About a week ago, we returned from a five-day mini vacation in Dana Point Harbor. Over the years, we have enjoyed staying at anchor in Dana Point Harbor a few times. When we bought our first sailboat, a 26 foot Columbia, it was berthed at a marina in Dana Point […]

Five Days in Dana Point

After the last debacle with the steering, we were REALLY ready to untie the lines a do some sailing! It had been 11 months since we were able to take the boat out, so this had been a long time coming. The plan was to take about nine days, sail […]

Finally, a Catalina Island Adventure!

We were all ready to go to Catalina Island. I installed the rebuilt steering pump, pressurized and bled the system, and we tested it for four hours, turning back and forth, doing circles and “S” turns. All seemed well until it didn’t. The next morning we were scheduled to sail […]

Ready to go to Catalina, Then This Happened!

Part 1: Planning the next steps for our lives. I know, I know. It’s been a really long time since we posted anything here, so I wanted to give everyone on our mailing list and Facebook page an update as to what has been going on. Have we been busy? […]

We’ve Been REALLY Busy Lately

Sea of Cortez
So, here we are sitting around the settee thinking about what is to come next. Thus far our plans to buy property in Arizona have come to fruition. Our plans to buy an R/V and move it to the property, and plans to have a storage shed built have come […]

Countdown to Sailing to the Sea of Cortez!

One of our YouTube subs, WarbirdPylonRacer, asked that I make a video detailing how we sail to the island. Things like what we pack, how much water we take to last however many days we will be there, how we plan our means, etc. We will be making an associated […]

How to Sail to Catalina Island (or anywhere)

Lagoon 38 sailboat
We, like many other sailors, have always liked how roomy catamarans are. We may have even thought of investing in one, but the price/features differential made their consideration unrealistic. After all, we knew we would be retiring soon and the fact that rigging and engine maintenance are higher, not to […]

We Crewed on a Catamaran!

The first two days of a five-day adventure to the island! Thanks for staying with us, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, and click on the “Follow” tab at the bottom of this page!

SBS – Ep. 136 Sailing Back to Catalina Island Days ...

Sailboat sank
BBTK: Batteries Bilge bumps Through-hulls Oh, yea and keel bolts if you have them To us, the three most important items on a sailboat, or any boat for that matter, are the batteries, the bilge pumps, through-hulls, and keel bolts, although sailboats like ours have an encased keel. We were […]

Four Most Important Things to Remember!