In going through videos of our last sailing adventure to Catalina Island, I was reminded of the majesty of the sea and how the waves are not captured in video. The swells were 4-6 foot as we rounded the western end of Catalina in this vid. We had been bashing […]

Rounding the Tip of Catalina Island

Did the title grab you? Well, the smell of burning plastic grabbed us this morning. As it turns out the electrical that I have been wanting to get to for some time now, was the culprit. To put a finer point on it, the buss on the power transfer switch […]

Uh Oh, Something is Burning!

On our fifth night at Catalina Island during our last sail there, we experienced a winter storm while anchored on the back side at Cat Harbor. Not a particularly bad storm, but more of a series of squalls that passed through the island. We had just installed a Mantus 65 […]

Catalina Island During a Storm

The general thought on this you might think would be that more is better, is as a general rule this is mostly true. However, when you’re in a tight anchorage the rules tend to change and several things come into play. First, you have to, of course, consider your depth […]

When is Enough Chain too Much Chain?

We almost never pay for a mooring ball. After all, the reason that we bought our new Mantus 65 anchor is because we really love anchoring out where ever we wish. The Mantus has not failed us yet. However, we needed to sail to Avalon on Catalina Island and the […]

What’s it Like Mooring in Avalon, California?

Really excited about this!  First Mate has gone a bit crazy with her Sailrite machine, and we are better off for it.  After making the settee and cockpit cushions, she decided to tackle dingy chaps.  After that she’s doing the bimini, then the stack pack.  Can’t wait!

First Mate Making Dingy Chaps!

Well, not exactly nine days of sailing, but nine days of fun! We’re sailing out today to spend the next nine days at Catalina. The plan is that we will spend a few days on the back side, probably at Little Harbor so we can take advantage of the start […]

A Nine Day Sail to Catalina Island!