I have to say that when I plan the work I want to do for the day, the fact that we live aboard and are working on our boat makes it seem more like a hobby as opposed to work. Before we moved aboard full-time back in June, going to […]

A Day in the Life of a Liveaboard Sailor

Anyone that has ever been aboard a boat of any kind knows that boats all have certain smells to them – especially older boats. This is unavoidable. Boats live on the water, and with that comes humidity. Humidity can cause those nooks and crannies to become breeding grounds for molds […]

The Smells of a Sailboat

As with all sailors, we have to be flexible when making plans. The whole point of moving aboard and planning our sailing careers is that we no longer have to adhere to a schedule, so if we change our minds about sailing here or there, it’s okay! Our original plan […]

The Plans Change

Sea of Cortez
This morning something happened – something really strange and really nice, at the same time. We had First Mate’s cousin, Terri, and her captain, Kurt, text us today telling us that he has been so inspired by our story and what we are doing, that he is quitting his job […]

We Inspire People?!?

Now that we are full-time liveaboards things seem different. We closed the office and are semi-retired so moving into this next phase of life had been really weird. It always feels like we should be at the office doing something, but here we are, at anchor at Catalina Island aboard […]

First Night at Anchor

Sunset From Little Harbor
First Mate had to drive into the city today, but we were on the phone most of the time. She has a way of being completely spontaneous and sometimes to her detriment, but that never stops her bubbly nature. At one point she asked what we had coming up in […]

Catalina Island Adventure

Marina sunset
You just can’t get any better than this. Well, unless you sailed away from the marina and maybe to the Sea of Cortez. But that is our dream!

Just Sayin’

A few days ago we partook on the fun task of patching our skiff. Several months ago when First Mate completed the dinghy chaps, I patched a few holes that came from someone that had over-zealously motored our skiff into a dock. The dinghy chaps will help prevent this in […]

Patching the Skiff

Some of our most enjoyable times aboard have been spending our evenings sitting on the bow of our boat and having sundowners while we talk about our sailing plans. This is our special place and these are special times. We’ve spent endless hours here and talked and researched. In just […]

Ah, the Bow of the Boat

More impressions from our first month aboard… You know, you really do tend to lose track of time when you’re living aboard. First Mate and I have to continually remind ourselves what day it is. If it weren’t for our business calendar, we’d have no idea! When we moved aboard, […]

Days Melting Together