For now it appears that our settee has been turned into a law office and our vberth has been turned into the file room. All part of the process and how we planned things, so nothing to ruin our day. And at the end of the day we still get […]

Is it an Office or is it a Sailboat?

We’ve been asked this question before, and the story behind that question is, at least to us, an interesting one. Everyone that owns a boat has a story behind the name they gave it. Ours is a bit different because it is tied to a book that was written by […]

Why Sail Before Sunset?

We’ve been pondering this question for a few months now. After we solidified our plans to close the office and move aboard, we realized that there were events in our calendar that were going to prevent us from just sailing into the sunset. Still, we needed to make plans for […]

Well… When are we Leaving????

Although we’ve done a 50/50 liveaboard in the past, living aboard full-time after closing our office/home has been very different. We ended up renting a storage shed near our property in Arizona and moved all our belongings into it. Now we are aboard full-time and we are really loving it! […]

Our First Week Living Aboard!

We are still on-track for moving aboard and leaving. Our timeline is to move aboard 100% on June 1, 2019 and will prep to sail out by July 1, 2019!

Waiting to Sail

First Mate has been working on our dinghy chaps for about the last five months or so. In her defense, she has been REALLY busy on a few other projects, so this one always took a backseat to the others. It was important, but not enough to move it to […]

Dinghy Chaps!

We LOVE these nights! We sit on the bow of our boat making plans for what is to come next and the projects we need to finish before we leave. First Mate generally fixes a nice dinner and after our sundowners we sit and talk through our plans. It gives […]

Another Night and a Full Moon

As we wind down our last six or so months at the marina before we sail away, it strikes me that we are building memories that will last is the rest of our lives. These memories of sitting in the bow of our sailboat listening to Lumeneers and Mumford and […]

Making Memories

In going through videos of our last sailing adventure to Catalina Island, I was reminded of the majesty of the sea and how the waves are not captured in video. The swells were 4-6 foot as we rounded the western end of Catalina in this vid. We had been bashing […]

Rounding the Tip of Catalina Island

Did the title grab you? Well, the smell of burning plastic grabbed us this morning. As it turns out the electrical that I have been wanting to get to for some time now, was the culprit. To put a finer point on it, the buss on the power transfer switch […]

Uh Oh, Something is Burning!